Whether you’re a farmer, investor, scientist or insurer

find out how Data|Agri powered by Qord might benefit you.


“Udderly” awesome!

Once upon a time, in a land of green pastures and hardworking farmers, there was a remarkable program called the IOT Accelerator. It brought together farmers, scientists, and financiers to create something extraordinary for the world of agriculture.

Imagine a group of farmers who wanted to improve their farms and make their cows healthier and happier. They decided to join the IOT Accelerator, where they could connect their cows to DATA|Agri through the help of Qord Technologies. Instead of capes and superpowers, they used special smart devices that were attached to the cows. These devices were like a bridge, connecting the cows to a world of possibilities.

With these smart devices, the cows’ movements and what they ate could be tracked and analyzed. This valuable information became a treasure that could earn money for the farmers. You see, scientists and experts in the agricultural industry were eager to learn from this data. They wanted to understand how the cows moved, what they ate, and how it affected their health.

So, the farmers became heroes in their own right, providing valuable insights and information. The scientists paid them for this data, which helped the farmers cover the costs of deploying the smart devices. It was a win-win situation. The farmers earned money and gained knowledge about their cows, while the scientists could make important discoveries to improve the lives of cows everywhere.

But that’s not all. The smart devices also brought benefits beyond just earning money. Imagine a friendly local vet who wanted to help the farmers keep their cows healthy. With the data collected from the smart devices, the vet could provide personalized care and recommend the right medicines for each cow. This saved the farmers money and ensured that their cows received the best possible care.

Even retail suppliers like Elders saw the value of this data. They wanted to support the farmers by offering them the right products at the right time. By knowing what the cows needed, they could deliver the perfect balance of nutrition, ensuring the cows stayed strong and healthy.

So, just like a network of interconnected puzzle pieces, the IOT Accelerator, DATA|Agri, Qord Technologies, farmers, scientists, and financiers came together to create a remarkable system. It empowered the farmers to improve their farms, earn money, and contribute to important research. It helped the scientists unlock valuable knowledge and insights. And it enabled the entire agricultural community to thrive.

In this modern-day tale, the heroes were not superpowered beings, but hardworking farmers who embraced technology to make a difference. Through the IOT Accelerator, they unlocked a world of possibilities, where the data from their cows became a valuable resource and a pathway to a brighter future in agriculture.


“Graze”-t opportunity for financial growth!

Once upon a time, there was a savvy financier with a massive pile of cash. They could see that farmers were struggling, and they also saw the incredible potential of the new technologies being developed by DATA|Agri powered by Qord Technologies. It was like a puzzle waiting to be solved, and the financier knew they held the missing piece.

With their pile of cash and a twinkle in their eye, the financier realized they could help not only the farmers but also the scientists, retail providers like Elders, and insurance companies. They saw how Qord’s IOT Accelerator could connect all the necessary elements and create a thriving ecosystem.

Here’s a funny joke for you: Why did the financier invest in the DATA|Agri campaign? Because they knew it would be an “udderly” fantastic opportunity to milk their investments for all they’re worth!

Remember, laughter is the best fertilizer for a thriving investment!

The financier knew that by investing in DATA|Agri’s campaign powered by Qord, they could bring together farmers, scientists, and industry providers to create a harmonious partnership. Through Qord’s patented technologies, licenses, and global relationships, they could facilitate seamless transactions and financial operations.

With the sum of all the planned transactions by DATA|Agri, the financier could see that the loans would be paid off. They were excited to witness the transformative power of Qord’s advanced treasury functions, allowing multiple financiers to participate in funding the Data|Agri campaign. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Here’s another joke to bring a smile to your face: Why did the financier invest in the DATA|Agri campaign? Because they knew it would be a “moo-velous” opportunity for financial growth!

As the financiers embraced their roles in empowering the agricultural industry and beyond, they knew that their investments would not only bring financial rewards but also contribute to the betterment of society. They saw the potential of Qord’s IOT Accelerator to revolutionize multiple industries, not just farming, and they were excited to be part of this innovative journey.

So, the next time you see a savvy financier making strategic investments, remember that they are not just chasing profits. They are actively participating in creating a brighter future, where farmers thrive, technologies flourish, and the entire ecosystem benefits. They are the financial superheroes, using their resources and humor to bring about positive change.


“moo-st” valuable insights!

Once upon a time, in a land of green pastures and hardworking farmers, there was a remarkable program called the IOT Accelerator. It brought together farmers, scientists, and financiers to create something extraordinary for the world of agriculture.

The scientists joined the IOT Accelerator campaign and received data from farmers who connected their cows to DATA|Agri’s software is powered by Qord. It was like receiving a secret code from the cows themselves! The scientists were thrilled because they knew this data held the key to unlocking new knowledge.

Now, here’s a funny joke for you: Why did the scientist bring a pencil and paper to the laboratory? Because they wanted to draw some “cow-culations” (calculations)!

With the data in their hands, the scientists used their magic of mathematics and ran calculations through Qord’s advanced algorithms. Qord, being the helpful genie, quickly provided them with answers. It was like having all the solutions in a snap!

Armed with these answers, the scientists were able to help farmers even more. They discovered the perfect medicines for cows by analyzing the data. This meant the cows received the right treatments and became healthier, and the farmers saved money too!

Here’s another joke to make you smile: Why did the scientist become a farmer’s best friend? Because they always had the “moo-st” valuable insights!

The scientists were amazed by how much they could learn from the data. They used their newfound knowledge to create better medicines, improve farming practices, and ultimately make a positive impact on the lives of cows and farmers alike.

Through the IOT Accelerator and the power of DATA|Agri and Qord Technologies, the scientists were able to turn data into wisdom. They became superheroes of the laboratory, using their skills and the magic of technology to benefit the farming community.

So, the next time you see scientists analyzing data from cows, remember that they are on a mission to make the world a better place for everyone. They are using the power of data, technology, and a touch of humor to create a brighter future for cows, farmers, and the entire farming community.


“covered” in case of unexpected risks!

Once upon a time, in the world of insurance, there was a team at AON known as the Digital Innovations team. They were the forward-thinkers, always looking for new opportunities to provide value to their clients. As they went to visit the farm, they saw other farmers, financiers, scientists, developers, and many other stakeholders starting to take notice of the massive progress being made on the farm and in the industry. But they also knew that with more onlookers came the potential for chaos and interference.

To protect the farm and ensure the progress continued unhindered, AON stepped in as a strategic investor and stakeholder in Qord’s campaigns. They recognized the secure and revolutionary nature of Qord’s technology and knew they had a role to play in ensuring smooth operations for everyone involved. With their smartest minds at work, they collaborated closely with Qord to create a protective bubble, safeguarding the interests of farmers, scientists, financiers, and all other participants.

Here’s a joke for you:
Why did the AON team bring an umbrella to the farm? Because they wanted to be “covered” in case of unexpected risks!

AON’s expertise in insurance and risk management allowed them to address potential challenges proactively. They worked tirelessly to ensure that farmers didn’t have to worry about cows wandering onto roads, data loss, repayment issues, or the security of their campaign secrets.
AON’s real-time connections, powered by Qord’s technology, provided AON with the information they needed to take immediate action and prevent costly incidents.This proactive approach saved AON millions and brought peace of mind to all stakeholders involved.

As AON embraced their role in building a digital community globally, they saw the immense potential for positive change. Their unique offering, facilitated by Qord’s technology, enabled real-time connections and proactive decision-making. They were excited to collaborate with farmers, scientists, financiers, and other stakeholders to create a harmonious ecosystem where everyone could thrive.

With AON’s protective bubble and Qord’s innovative solutions, the digital community flourished. Farmers felt secure, scientists had the data they needed, financiers received timely repayments, and all campaign secrets remained safe. AON’s commitment to building this digital community was driven by their belief that when everyone and everything connects in real-time, incredible things can happen.

So, the next time you think of AON and their involvement in the digital revolution, remember that they are not just insurance experts. They are the guardians of progress, ensuring that all participants can focus on their roles and contribute to a better future. With their protective bubble and a sprinkle of humor, they are making a positive impact in the world.