Bold investment into the future of farming

Become a part of the agricultural revolution – invest in Data|Agri’s groundbreaking initiatives shaping the future of livestock management and join us in transforming the industry.¬†

Data|Agri is making bold investments in the future of agriculture, accelerating its growth through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking initiatives. With a commitment to innovation, we are investing millions in various projects that will revolutionize the way livestock is managed and monitored.

Our investments include:

IoT Enabled Devices

In the development of the latest in IoT-enabled research devices for our Whole-of-Herd livestock management.

Livestock IoT Sensors Research

Additionally, we are further investing $74,090,880 in experimental trials of Livestock Research IoT Sensors, enabling us to gather invaluable data and insights

Field Trials

To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, we are conducting more Whole-of-Herd field trials with an investment of $5,953,920. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond borders as we invest $1,108,350 in overseas field trials, enabling us to test and validate our technologies in diverse environments.

AI Research

Recognizing the importance of advanced technologies, we are investing $720,000 in research and development of AI for optimized communications and energy management. Additionally, we have allocated $744,000 for the further development of health algorithms and high-load simulated tests, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our solutions.

Data Anonymization

Data|Agri is also investing $9,104,900 in the development of a data aggregation, anonymization, and sharing platform, which will empower farmers to securely exchange and leverage valuable insights.

These investments are just the beginning, as we continue to allocate millions to further research, validation, the development of a distributed computing system for IoT smart tags, and the assessment of miniaturized health sensors.


Powered by Qord

Data|Agri is powered by Qord and their IoT accelerator technology. This is a cutting-edge solution that brings together the latest tech, data analytics, and agricultural expertise to revolutionize the farming industry.


We are seeking new strategic equity partners $20 million

This will be divided into three tranches to accelerate transactions, execute go-to-market strategies, and ramp up growth. Additionally, $20 million in IP funding/data funding and $30 million in additional working capital to support IP development, growth.