About Data|Agri

Discover our journey to revolutionize livestock management through innovative technologies. Learn about our mission to empower farmers, our vision for a sustainable agricultural future, and our core values of transparency, collaboration, and data sovereignty. Meet our exceptional team of industry experts dedicated to transforming the way we farm.

What we stand for…


Our mission is to revolutionize livestock management by providing farmers with advanced data-driven solutions, empowering them to optimize productivity, enhance animal welfare, and drive sustainable farming practices.


We envision a future where data sovereignty and beneficial purpose enable farmers worldwide to unlock the full potential of their livestock operations, contributing to a sustainable and efficient agricultural industry.


We are committed to excellence, innovation, sustainability, and empowering farmers with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our Team

Data|Agri is led by a team of industry experts and visionaries who bring together diverse skill sets and extensive experience in agriculture, technology, finance, and intellectual property. With our collective knowledge and passion, we are well-positioned to execute our business plan and drive the success of Data|Agri.

Paddy Rice




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Steve Van De Wyer

Chief Technical Consultant


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Legal Council


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Sales & Marketing


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Strategic Advisory


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Patent Advisory Team


Donal O’Connell

Former head of R&D & IP Nokia


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Patent Litigation Support


Sean Burdick

US Patent Attorney
15+ years US litigation experience High Tec)


Peter Dummer

Patent and Trade Mark Aonrney
(25 Years)


Paddy, the driven and compassionate founder of the Qord group of companies and www.Dataagri.com.au, comes from a family of ten, with seven siblings and one extraordinary sister who founded the School of St. Jude in Tanzania. Their shared commitment to making a positive impact instilled in Paddy a deep desire to create meaningful change in the world. Growing up on the family farm, where they grazed cattle and nurtured fine merino wool livestock and Angus cattle, he was immersed in the world of livestock in the picturesque grazing land of New England, Guyra, NSW, Australia. His family’s property holdings extended from Fairview and Bonella in QLD to the New England ranges of NSW. Paddy witnessed the profound challenges that the agricultural industry faced.

The wool crash of 1989 left an indelible mark on Paddy’s journey. As the crisis unfolded… “The region’s paddocks are full, so too are its meatworks, and a growing number of elderly sheep were taking the impact of Australia’s wool crisis right between the eyes as the government paid farmers including Paddy’s to put down their livestock.”

This crisis, coupled with the severe stock market crash on October 20, 1987, known as Black Tuesday, and the subsequent record-high interest rates of 17.5% by January 23, 1990, led paddy to question the status quo and seek solutions that could drive positive change. At the time his family was crippled by the losses with sheep being given away at sale and Paddy recalls the difficulties of attending to the family farm in his formative years missing school while his father returned to law, mother to physiotherapy.

Driven by a deep desire to empower farmers and transform the industry, Paddy embarked on a path of technological innovation. With over 20 years of dedication, he has brought forth Qord’s visionary platform, Dataagri.com.au. Through Qord’s vision, Paddy aims to revolutionize agriculture by harnessing the power of data. By leveraging Qord’s cutting-edge technology, farmers can gain invaluable insights to make informed decisions and mitigate losses. For instance, during the wool crash, statistics showed staggering livestock losses. However, with Qord’s comprehensive data solutions, including traceability and supply chain connectivity, farmers now have an unprecedented opportunity to enhance productivity, minimize risks, and unlock the full potential of their cattle operations.

Paddy’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change and his visionary approach have attracted the attention of participants, partners, and investors who share his passion for a sustainable and thriving agricultural industry. With Qord and Dataagri.com.au, Paddy’s vision is not only to empower farmers but also to provide all with an opportunity to be part of a transformative journey that marries technological innovation with agricultural potential. Together, a future where informed decisions, sustainable practices, and data-driven solutions create a thriving and resilient agricultural ecosystem