Discover the power of Data|Agri to enhance your farm’s efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Traditional livestock management practices lack real-time data insights & actions, hindering productivity, animal welfare, and sustainability. This creates significant challenges for farmers and the industry as a whole. Scroll down to find out how Data|Agri is working to help.

Data|Agri’s smart devices offer a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs)

to monitor and analyze various aspects of cattle health, behavior, and environmental factors. Let’s explore each of these KPIs and provide a dollar value estimate for the potential benefits they are learning to bring, based on available data and industry insights…

In addition our technologies may also monitor the following KPI’s…



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For many farmers who may be technology-illiterate or have concerns about data ownership, Data|Agri and Qord provide a solution that addresses these worries. Through Data|Agri’s innovative approach to data sovereignty and Qord’s secure data exchange platform, farmers can confidently engage in digital transformation and access the benefits of the digital economy.


From the farmer’s perspective

Once upon a sunny farm, there were clever farmers who wanted to make their cows happy and healthy. They heard about the amazing IOT Accelerator, a special program that brought together farmers, scientists, and financiers to create something magical.

These farmers decided to join the IOT Accelerator and connect their cows to DATA|Agri through Qord Technologies. They used special smart devices that were like cow “super suits.” These suits allowed the cows to share important information about their movements and eating habits with the farmers.

Now, here’s a fun joke for you: Why did the cow wear a super suit? Because it wanted to be “udderly” awesome!

By wearing these super suits, the cows became superstars of the farm. The farmers collected all the data from the suits and shared it with scientists and experts. They were amazed at how this data could help improve the lives of cows everywhere.

The farmers earned special rewards for sharing the data, just like superheroes being appreciated for their heroic acts. The scientists used the data to learn important things about cows and find better ways to take care of them. The financiers helped the farmers by providing money to cover the costs of the smart devices. Everyone worked together like a team of superheroes!

But that’s not all! The smart devices also helped the farmers save money. A friendly veterinarian, who loved cows and knew everything about their health, used the data to give the cows the right medicines and keep them healthy. This made the cows even happier, and the farmers saved money on unnecessary treatments.

The IOT Accelerator was like a magical bond that connected everyone in the farming community. The farmers, scientists, and financiers all worked together, using the power of data and technology to make a positive change in the world of agriculture.

So, next time you see a cow wearing a super suit, remember that they are part of something incredible. They are not just cows; they are heroes in disguise, making a difference in the world, one “moo-velous” step at a time!